Our bodies work hard to get us through the day. Taking care of it should be high on your priorities list. Our massages address a variety of health concerns to bring health and restoration to our guests. Our team of highly skilled licensed massage therapists is committed to helping you resolve your aches and pains so you can live a fuller, more active life. With ongoing support, we act as your partner to promote and maintain your health and well-being. Regardless of the type of massage you choose* our therapists will finish your massage with our warm salt pillow making the transition off the bed and back to the real world more challenging than imaginable!

* excluding massages inside the salt cave

60 or 90 min massage. Designed to promote deep, soothing full body relaxation using light to firm pressure. Get rid of body pains and improve your health with our total body relaxing therapeutic massage. It will reduce fatigue, improve blood circulation, balance your attitude, boost your energy, release chronic tension and tight muscles, and create a sense of deep relaxation for your soul. 

60 or 90 min massage. Therapeutic soft tissue manipulation uses a much firmer and more targeted pressure to relieve muscular tension and stress. It is a deeper and more intense massage. This technique uses slow, deep guided strokes and firm pressure designed to relieve severe tension and reach below the superficial muscles.  Deep tissue massage is a specific type of deep-pressure massage that focuses on certain techniques designed to break down adhesions, break up muscle knots, and release bands of scar tissue that may be impeding movement. 

60 or 90 min massage. Prenatal Massage is a nurturing massage that focuses on the special needs of mothers-to-be during pregnancy. Positioning, pillows, and cushions are used to enhance support, decrease pressure, and increase relaxation for both body and mind. The prenatal massage can help to: reduce stress and fatigue; increase circulation and muscle flexibility; improve relaxation, and better sleep; provide relief from headaches, stiff neck, backaches, sciatica, and sore feet; decrease swelling and fluid retention, and speedier healing during postpartum recovery.

60 or 90 min massage.  Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side by side in our couple’s room. A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. Each guest can choose their own type of massage. 

30-minute pressure-point-based massage treatment that targets specific nerve points to heal the body and promote relaxation. This massage can be also added to any Swedish or Deep Tissue massage as an additional 30 min add-on. 

45 min Swedish massage inside the Sacl Cave. Healing the body from the inside out, you will relax and breathe easily in this Zen-like salt environment. Breathe in the salt air and refresh the lungs with this clarifying treatment, which provides a great place to unwind and meditate. All of it while receiving a relaxing Swedish massage. Private experience, salt cave closed to the public. Limited availability. Restrictions apply.


Salt Hot Rocks
Salt rocks release 84 minerals, while the heat penetrates deep into the muscle releasing toxin buildup.   Himalayan Salt Rock add-on is an innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balances the body’s electromagnetic field, central nervous system, and meridians. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension, and pollutants. The hot Himalayan rock aids in releasing tight muscles exfoliating the skin, putting minerals into the skin, and promoting relaxation.

Body Brushing
It is a fantastic technique used to revive the skin.  The brushing strokes are performed in a way that promotes skin exfoliation, unclogging pore blood circulation, cellulite reduction, and stress relief.  

Foot Treatment 
This treatment provides deep penetrating hydration foot treatment to promote soft smooth feet. We use our special massage cream enhanced with Himalayan Salt powder.




 60 min90 min
Swedish massage$90.00$120.00
Deep tissue massage$100.00$140.00
Prenatal massage$100.00$140.00


Hot Salt Rocks add on$20.00$20.00
Body Brushing $20.00$20.00
Foot Treatments$20.00$20.00

We do not offer a massage for children under the age of 12.
We only offer a 60-minute Swedish massage for children aged 12-17.
A parent or legal guardian must be present during the massage. Due to Covid 19 regulations, we don’t offer massages to anybody under the age of 17 at this time.

 30 min
Foot Reflexology$55.00
Foot Reflexology add on$45.00

Ask for specials.



 60 min90 min
5 Swedish massages$385.00/$77.00$500.00/$100.00
5 Deep tissue massages$425.00/$85.00$600.00/$120.00
5 Hot Salt Rocks add on$75.00/$15.00$75.00/$15.00


45-minute Swedish massage inside the Salt Cave*$180.00
45-minute Swedish massage inside the Salt Cave- couple* $300.00

*Mon-Fri only


Signature Salt Spa Massage Sampler
90 min- $189

Give yourself a gift of relaxation and rejuvenation. Your body deserves it, you deserve it!

We know each client is unique, which is why we personalize every aspect of your massage to meet your individual needs. Our experienced massage therapist will combine their skills and abilities to perform the massage your body needs. Each massage is designed to help you achieve total relaxation, improve skin and muscle tone, increase circulation, and remove toxins from the body. Our experienced massage therapist will help to relieve pain and discomfort in congested areas within muscles, tendons, and ligaments due to stress or overuse leaving your body in a state of relaxation and gratitude. Let your muscles melt under warm, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing tension and toxins, leaving the body totally relaxed and renewed.

Your massage experience includes Himalayan Hot Salt Rocks,  Foot Reflexology with foot moisturizing treatment, Body Brushing, and a Hot Salt Therapy Pillow. Pressure-  customized

Skin Revival  Massage
60 min – $130  or  90 min –  $160

Let your muscles melt under warm, hand-carved Himalayan salt stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing tension and toxins, leaving the body totally relaxed and renewed. Our licensed massage therapist will use a dry brush on the skin in circular motions or light strokes to provide exfoliation and a rejuvenating boost of energy! The process of brushing your skin will remove dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh. Pores are also more thoroughly cleansed, while the skin’s own natural moisturizing oils are stimulating, providing hydration.  

Your massage experience includes Himalayan Hot Salt Rocks, Body Brushing, and a hot salt therapy pillow. Pressure- Swedish