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04 Nov

Williamsburg Salt Spa

Williamsburg is such a charming town with so many things to offer whether it's stepping back in time in Colonial Williamsburg or even historical Jamestown, catering to your adventurous side at Busch Gardens or shopping to your hearts content at one of the nicest outdoor shopping plazas in the country. We like to think we've planted ourselves deep into the roots here in Williamsburg and believe you'll find our spa to be extremely unique in both the services provided and also the customer service we bring to you from beginning to end. Our philosophy begins and ends with SALT which contain minerals that are essential to life. The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine was the world's first underground health resort providing beneficial treatments for people who suffer from asthma, COPD, infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract and allergies. Here at the Williamsburg Salt Spa we have used the Wieliczka model which has allowed us to bring a similar makeup of what we call our salt cave. With our unique microclimate the cave not only increases immunity for our bodies but also brings a heightened sense of relaxation which can really be a challenge these days to obtain. In our 45 minute public salt therapy session you will recline back in one of our eight zero gravity chairs while listening to tranquil music. The session is meant for deep relaxation, meditation or even sleeping is highly encouraged. We do ask you to refrain from talking and also bringing any outside items into the cave including any sort of electronic devices. This will allow everyone in the cave to enjoy their session equally and be able to take full advantage of what the cave truly has to offer.

This is a great treatment to add to another service you will take part in that day, remember to ask about this discount when adding a "cave session" to another treatment! We offer family sessions as well, allowing the littlest of our guests to join in the fun. During our family sessions we encourage the children to play on the floor with the toys we provide but don't worry because during this 45 minute session talking is completely allowed! If this is something of interest please ask us when the next children's session is available for you to join. Larger groups or those just wanting the cave all to themselves pose no problem for us to accommodate, as we provide private sessions for up to eight people at the very reasonable price of $120 for a session. Our massages here at the spa are definitely a treat. We offer three different types of massages, Swedish, Deep Tissue and our signature Hot Salt Rock massage which is offered in the duration of sixty or ninety minutes. Regardless the type of massage you choose our therapists will finish your massage with our warm salt pillow making the transition off the bed and back to reality more challenging than imaginable! The newest service to the spa is our float tanks. These massive pods are filled with eleven inches of water saturated with 900 POUNDS of salt! Imagine floating effortlessly, experiencing a completely relaxed state of being. Free from the stresses of life, tension or pain. For your protection the water in each tank is completely filtered 5 times through a high-tech filtration system following each float. See you at the spa!