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04 Oct

A little grain about salt lamps

After recieving my very first Himalayan Salt Lamp from a friend I immedietely feel in love with it! I wondered how a piece of salt could make my breathing a little easier and I didn't feel as sluggish as I was once did. Come to find out small salt lamps will ionize small spaces, however, for larger spaces several lamps may be needed to fully ionize the air. There is no case where you can have "too many" salt lamps in a space. It is important to have the air in the bedroom clean as you spend a third of your life in there. Also, while you are sleeping, your body takes its deepest breaths and heals/repairs cellualar damage. We are surrounded by EMF (electromagnetic radiation).

Electromagnetic radiation has been known to cause various health conditions including fatigue and low concentration. These conditions can lead to other health problems if the body and mind are not relaxed and working properly. We recommend placing salt lamps in the spaces where there are computers, televisions or other electronic devices. Hopefully this gives you a little more insite to these naturally beautiful carvings of salt.